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I  have been privileged to contribute as a guest writer for popular publications such as Baton Rouge Parents Magazine and Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine.  Embracing Christian themes, my articles range from exhorting men to practice servant leadership as modeled by Jesus to reflections on preparing our hearts for Lent and Easter and beyond.  While Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine has sadly ceased operations, Baton Rouge Parents Magazine continues to thrive as a popular resource for parents in the Greater Baton Rouge area.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared some thoughts in both of these magazines.  I am grateful that Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, a secular magazine, has a section dedicated to matters of faith because I feel that the Church is called to influence society rather than to be influenced by society.


My journey into preaching and teaching was revealed years ago during training for ministry.  I took some 360 spiritual gift assessments in which I evaluated myself and also was anonymously evaluated by friends and colleagues, which revealed that I was blessed and gifted with the spiritual gifts of teaching and preaching.  Believing that the most impactful sermons are Divinely inspired, I think each sermon should be God-breathed, and the message is prayerfully a conduit for the Word.  I love the symbolism when a pastor dresses in all black but wears a white clerical collar over his voice box to represent that although he is covered in sin, his voice is a conduit for His Word.  Drawing from personal reflections and a desire for continual growth, my sermons encapsulate a range of topics aimed at inspiring spiritual development.  Available in various formats, including video sermons that have gained prominence in the wake of the COVID era, I invite you to engage with these messages and hope they resonate with your heart.  Stay connected for upcoming sermons that aim to uplift and inspire.

Other Media

Collaboration lies at the core of effective ministry, a principle exemplified by Jesus sending out His disciples in pairs.  I am privileged to engage with ministries such as Gulf South Men and Project 12 that serve the local community and beyond.  Through blogs penned for ministry websites and features in the religion section of the local newspaper in Baton Rouge, I strive to amplify the message of faith and community.  The camaraderie shared with these ministries enriches the outreach efforts and underscores the importance of collective action in evangelism and discipleship.  I hope you enjoy reading my blogs on these other pages, and I encourage you to stay tuned for fresh content.

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“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 (KJV)